Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention & Community Policing

Solving Problems through Community Partnerships

Crime Prevention and Community Policing are essential tools for meeting today’s crime fighting goals and keeping our communities safe.  The Forest Lake Police Department’s mission includes the provisions of community partnerships and crime prevention as part of its overall commitment to community policing, and is an integral component of creating a positive and proactive community/police relationship.

The Crime Prevention & Community Policing Unit positively influences the quality of life in our community by:

  • Reducing crime or the fear of crime
  • Increasing the knowledge of citizens in "pro-active" crime prevention strategies
  • Encouraging and training citizens in neighborhood watch activities
  • Training the community in a wide-array of crime prevention approaches

Chief Richard Peterson created the position in 2012, and since then, the Crime Prevention & Community Policing Unit has developed a number of local initiatives as well as implementing many well-known and successful national programs, as well as providing a number of education and awareness events throughout the year.